Complete Replacement Sashes and Frames

The most common reason for us to look at complete replacement windows is to replicate what once existed. Sadly, sometimes previous owners or even existing owners replace old original sash windows with cheap alternatives. When this is the case, we get many enquiries where customers wish to bring them back to their former glory. This is the main reason why we supply and install completely new windows. 

Sometimes we get lucky and the installer of the replacements has left the old frames intact. When this occurs we are able to reinstate the original frame and install new sashes only. Although this process is more labour intensive, it is by far a cheaper alternative and always lovely to be able to bring back some of the originality to the windows. 

When either occurs we try to find a neighbour with original sashes for which we can replicate the original.

Complete Replacement Sash Windows and Frames from £2500.00 – £5000.00 (depending on size and detail)

Reinstating Frame and New Sashes from £1000.00 – £1800.00 (depending on size and detail)

Please note: pricing is subject to change and accurate at the time of 14/02/2022. Pricing is on the basis of multiple windows or alongside other works being carried out at the same time. If one-off repairs are required this will be subject to a minimum charge plus material costs.