A Guide to Sash Window Draught-Proofing

Having draughts in your window can be quite an annoyance as your home will not be as comfortable as you want it to be. Draughty windows can lead to colder homes, tons of expenses on your shoulders, and rising electricity bills as you try to compensate for the cold with heating. Instead of going through all this hassle, consider draught-proofing your windows.

Dealing With the Draught

Identifying the Draught

Draughts can be dealt with easily if you have been able to identify where they are located. However, we understand that identifying the draught in the first place cna be quite troublesome. There is a tip to go about it, though. All you have to do is get a candle and light it up. Once done, you simply take the candle and move it slowly towards the edges of the window that you think might be draughty. As soon as you get to the exact spot, the cnalde will start flickering because of the air. This is your spot!

Causes of Draughty Windows

Damaged Window Seals

More than often, windows come with seals near the sash area. The catch is that these seals often tend to be not very durable. It is very common for the seals to either get worn out or get damaged with time. As a result of this mange, you will end up with draughty windows. To avoid it, check the seal of your windows regularly and get it repaired in case of prominent damage.

Damaged Locks

Another common reason for draughty reasons is the existence of damaged, ineffective, or wonky locks. If you can see that the locks don’t work and your windows won’t shut completely, you should expect leakage. Upon rattling, external air will enter your home, and you cna lose heating this way. Deal with your window locks and ensure that none is non-functional or broken.

Poor Installation

Poor installation usually happens when homeowners go to inexperienced companies or perform DIY sessions on their windows. Both of these are not advisable. Always get experts in to help you with window installations to avoid draughts. At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we can efficiently deal with installation and draught-proofing for added comfort.

Unable to Close

Windows that completely close all the way are another reason for a draught. If you feel like there is a tiny gap in your windows, get it fixed as soon as possible. Remember that no amount of jamming and pushing would do the job. Get expert help so that your windows can be checked.

At Box Sash Repair Company, we take utmost pride in our highly skilled team of workers who can deal with draught-proofing. Say goodbye to draughty windows that make a hole in your wallet. Our team would love to be of service for draught-proofing.