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Period properties are the main focus of the architecture of the United Kingdom. These properties have various elements that give the architecture a charm, and among these various elements, the most important one is box sash windows. With us, you can now successfully preserve the history and charm of your box sash windows.

The repair of box sash windows is an intricate job, and often, homeowners tend to get tricked into spending tons. At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we believe in working for the satisfaction of the customers. To do so, we have a team of highly skilled individuals who are willing to get the job done impeccably without costing you a kidney!

One-Stop-Shop for Your Box Sash Windows

Our local craftsmen take great delight in restoring sash windows to its original splendour and functionality in our woodworking remote van or on-site. Suppose you’re want to preserve your home’s unique character. In that case, we can assist you with sash window restoration, which includes repairs, replacements, installations, draught-proofing, double-glazing windows, and a lot more. 

Think of us as a one-stop shop for all your window repair needs. All that with affordable rates, a friendly team, expert workers, and quick delivery, what more could one ask for?

Past Cases

Due to our extensive collective experience, we are well-equipped to handle the repair of your box sash windows, even if others out there have deemed it beyond repair. It will always be our primary goal to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by using the most cutting-edge technologies and by sending over a team that does an excellent job.   

Just in the past, we had to work on a house located in Hackney, East London. The job required us to work on double glazing and more. Our team started the work by retrofitting double glazing into existing sashes, including shaped top sashes. Moreover, box frame repairs were also performed on the non-operational side windows. This was done to ensure that the windows look their best and function at high capacity.  All of it was finished off on time with a primer ready for decoration.

Experts in the Field

We are professionals in the restoration, repair, and replacement of box sash windows, and we can make your windows more durable and secure in no time at all. As experts in the field of box sash window restoration, repair and replacement, we can quickly increase the window’s durability and security.

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