All You Need to Know About Casement Windows

Casement windows have been around for ages. Designed in such a way that they come with hinges near the sides of the frame of the window, these casement designs are highly functional and add beauty to the interior and exterior of the house. This guide will elaborate on all you need to know about these windows. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Types of Casement Windows

Single Casement:

As the name indicates, single casement windows are made up of single frames and come with different panels of multiple sizes. This size will be based on the opening window size. These are great for a cozy look.

Double Casement:

Double casement windows are also known as French casements because of their high resemblance to french doors. These double with double panes are the right pick if you like to have an open and clear view.

Fixed Casement:

The last type is the fixed casement type, also known as your picture windows. These are unique because they cannot be opened. To make them accessible, homeowners usually pair them with operable windows on each side.

Perks of Installing Casement Windows

Beautiful aesthetics is not the only benefit of these windows. Read on to check out the perks of installation casement windows.


With extremely basic features and mechanisms, these windows are quite cost-effective. The number of moving parts in these windows is pretty low, and you won’t have to spend a lot on features.

Open for Customisation

The best part about casement windows is that you get many options for colors, material, finishes, and style. From aluminum to timber, wood, and more, you can get a lot of options. It is a great perk since you get to customize it according to the needs of your room.


There’s nothing more annoying than dealing with the maintenance of your windows and furniture every other day. Casement windows prove to be highly efficient as they are easy to clean both from the interior and the exterior. The string-based designs of the window that come with other windows are not present in these, and as a result, these are extremely low-maintenance.


Your safety is your top priority, and these windows cater to that need of yours. The casement-style windows are very stiff and won’t budge to forced opening, keeping you safe and secure. Even the very slight opening in these windows can be detected clearly.

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