Art of Retrofitting Double Gazing with Repair and Proofing

Box sash windows have a certain air of authenticity and elegance to them. Thinking of stripping them out of your homes can be a huge step, especially one that you shouldn’t embark upon when you can simply get repair work done. The only problem is that there aren’t contractors who would be willing to make it happen. Fortunately, everyone living in the NW2 Barnet area has some good news coming their way

With us, you can get work done on your box sash windows to get rid of the dusty old mechanism. Our experienced and skilled workers will ensure to keep the authenticity of your windows while giving them a completely refined and polished look.

Turning Disasters into Wonders

Over the past couple of years, we have been assigned various cases where we had to completely overhaul the existing design and construction because of the damage done. From damage done to sills and bottoms rails to having to work on the construction of the entire frame, we have done it all. One particular case in the past can be seen in the images down below.

As noted, there was a lot of damage done to the bottom rails, and the need for a replacement was a necessity for the homeowners. Our experienced workers, with their skill and expertise, were on the job in no time. By making use of high-end technology, we made it possible for the homeowners to get the aesthetic appeal without having to lose a leg in the process. Down below is the final image of what the windows looked like once our team was done with it.

Process of Wonder

The process was pretty simple, and with our innovative technology, the job was an easy one for our team. Both retrofitting double glazing and draught-proofing were done to attain a durable and appealing final look.

  1. First off, the broken and damaged bottom rails were extracted and replaced with high-quality and durable wood.
  2. Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the sills and frame needed repair work as well because there was some minor damage.
  3. The glass already in place was removed to make place for the double-glazing material. The new glass inserted into the box sash window was done in such a way that it gave the visual appearance of 2 panes over 2 other panes.
  4. For making the 2 panes magic come into existence, our team brought their skill and practice into use. The glazing bars that were installed were carefully laminated onto the glass. This was done on both the internal and the external sides of the pane. Once done, a 2 pane look was achieved.
  5. Using a special draught sealing system, we carefully and immaculately draught-proofed the window while keeping their originality.

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