When London called us for some major windows overhauling

There’s nothing worse than having to spend a huge amount of money getting repairs when there is a minimal amount of work required by the contractors. What’s even worse is untrained contractors pulling out you’re existing and sills just so that could sneak some extra pounds out of you.

In such times of uncertainty and unreliability, we offer our clients the convenience and ease they would hope for when finding a reliable repair, installation, and maintenance team for their house. Box sash windows and other such windows of different materials speak a ton about the personality of your house. Now, if someone comes along and rips the charm out of your house, it can be quite frustrating.

Experienced and Trained Professionals

Operating from a mobile workstation, we have the most market competitive rates. However, this is done while ensuring that there is no compromise n the quality of the work done or the materials used. Committing utmost dedication and skill to every job assigned, our team is ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way regardless of the size.

Proof of Dedication and Expertise

A recent proof of the commitment, expertise, and skill portrayed by our team is in the images given down below. Before our team arrived on the job, the windows were in dire need of fixing. Located in Camberwell, England, this owner had some other demands as well for their house.

The client required us to carry out window overhauls, draught-proofing, and retrofitting double glazing as well. This is what the windows looked like when we got to the job.

Our team of experts immediately begins the repair process. While doing this, we had to carry out various tasks since there were many areas to cover, with a lot of work required in different spots.

Initially, our team started working on the overhauls of the windows. To do this efficiently and neatly, we brought in our best tools to ensure that the work is done professionally and immaculately. Next up, our team moved on to carrying our draught-proofing on 7 of these windows.

Once that was done, the team then moved on to the bathroom windows where satin/opal was retrofitted double glazed in the existing window. Other than this, 6 spots were worked upon to get a reglazed look as requested by the client. Lastly, our professionals finished up the job by conducting repairs on three of the sills.

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Over the past couple of years, we have created a team of experts who are well-versed in the work of repairing and installation of different window parts. Specializing in retrofit double glazing, we have tons of loyal customers who benefited from our services.

Call us now at 07415 390160 or get in touch with us through [email protected]. Let’s find the best solution for your house.