Providing a new look to this house in Broadstairs, Kent – A “Before” Look

Are you tired of your windows looking shambled and torn down? Is it ruining the aesthetic appeal of your home? No matter how much you spend sprucing up the interior, if the exterior looks torn down, the first impression will always be a bad one.

Providing cost-effective and durable restoration and installation services, we are aware of what it takes to get your house looking like its best, and we can get it done for you in no time. We have the skill; we have the equipment and workforce to complete your work in a limited time in the most budget-friendly manner.

A Glimpse in the Past

We’ve had various clients come to us with windows they thought were beyond repair in the past. Fortunately for them, we pride ourselves on bringing windows back to their original glory.

Down below is one particular case where we whipped the windows back in shape. Located in West Cliff Avenue, Broadstairs, this house had quite some work set out for our team. However, for our skilled and dedicated workers, there is no job too big or too small. The client’s house required sash window double glazing and tons of repairs here and there from our wide range of services.

To give you an idea of the state of the house, this is what the “Before” phase looked like.

This particular house had around 11 windows that had to be retrofitted with double glazed units. With our retrofitting services, the client was able to attain sustainability and charm without emptying their bank.

Next up, there was a significant need for sill repair and sill replacement in some areas. Two sills had to be wholly repaired, while 2 were bottom rail repairs. Next up, there was also a need for the restoration of 4 box frames.

For the bottom rail repairs, the rails of the box sash windows were repaired with profiled replacement bottom rails. For the sills, we started by cutting the existing rot and removing it completely. Next up, to complete the look, we went for sill replacement with new sill sections.

As mentioned earlier, there were around four box frames that needed to be repaired. Unlike other contractors, we believe in using the best quality material at affordable rates. The client didn’t have to worry about getting flaky wood installed during replacements as we used like-to-like material. For instance, softwood timber was replacing with softwood only.

Upon moving to completion, we smashed out the glass of the old window and rebated it. Next, to top it all off, 4-6-4 toughened argon gas with a white space was installed into the existing box sash window frames.

Stay tuned to catch a glimpse of what the house looked like post our sill repair and retrofitting work. If you live in Broadstairs, Kent. Call your local Box sash window repair company today 07415 390160.