Box Sash Window Company Coming to Your Aid

London is a region rich in culture, history, and architecture. With time schools try to brush up the kids’ knowledge of history; families try to keep the culture and tradition alive, however, what about the architecture? Even though tons of people ensure that authentic elements like box sash windows and bricked buildings remain in good condition, sometimes they give up on us.

Keep the Authenticity Alive with Us

This is where the box sash window repair company comes into place. Focused on providing you with the one-stop solution for all box sash window needs, we come equipped with the skill and the expertise required to make sure that the authenticity of the architecture of your home remains intact. 

Levelling it Up in Tenterden, Kent

Just in the past, we had a client who was located in Tenterden, Kent, TN307LR. The house looked in excellent condition. However, it looked like the box sash windows required our aid. Always ready to please our customers, we sent a team of skilled individuals who immediately for to the job.

Job Required

Here is what was required from us. Initially, there was a need for draught-proofing with minor repair work on 12 windows. Moving on, our team also worked on the reglazing of one window of the house. As our team progressed upon the job, we spotted a need for repair in 3 bottom rails and two sill repairs. Since these were generally well-maintained buildings on a listed building, the work was done efficiently.

Our team went ahead with draught=proofing since it is termed as an internal job, and no planning application was required. Moreover, we also informed the client that the process of draught-proofing is far more cost-efficient.

How so? Well, it is so because when we come to the intricacies, there is a VAT rate. This rate is at just 5% instead of the 20% that you would get otherwise.

Saved Box Sash Windows with a Satisfied Customer

At Box Sash Window Repair Company, we aim to please our customers to the best of our capabilities. With an affordable price range, we cater to any and all work required by them most efficiently.

Upon our initial discussion, the customer asked for a general overhauling; however, with the addition of draught-proofing, we could make their windows highly energy-efficient while ensuring that the process costs them not more but less than the cost of the overhaul they asked for!

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