Highly Reclaimed Repair of Box Sash Windows – Broadstairs

When it comes to the comfort and aesthetic of our homes, all of us need the utmost best to make our house feel like home. However, when it comes to box sash windows, there is a particular need for a high level of care while the repair process is going on.

There might be various contractors out there willing to lend you a hand, but the trouble starts when there is a higher focus on replacing the windows rather than repairing them. This replacement doesn’t just cause damage to your bank account, but it can also sabotage the authenticity and charm that came to your house with authentic box sash windows.

Box Sash Window Repairing Like Never Before

This is why at Box Sash Window Repair Company, we stress highly on repairs rather than replacement. To do so, we have a team of experts who have been doing it for quite some time. With years of experience under their belt and all the necessary tools available at their disposal, our team is equipped to tackle any job that comes their way.

Windows that might look beyond repair to you can be whipped into shape in no time by our team. Just in the past, our team worked on a house located in Broadstairs, Kent, CT10. To understand the efficiency with which our team works, we make sure to record each and every step of your journey. Take a look down below to see what the job looked like once we were done.

Refining Box Sash Windows in Broadstairs

Once our team reached the location, we were told that the first initial goal was to work on retrofitting and double glazing of 8 windows into existing sash frames. There was more retrofitting work where we had to work on the retrofitting and double glazing into the existing casement frame of one more window. Furthermore, the other jobs there for our beam were related to sash stiles and the bottom rail replacements. As we looked further, we found room for minor sill repair as well.

To carry out the entire job, we sent a 6-man team, and with their expertise and hard work, the whole assignment with retrofitting double glazing and repairs, etc., all were carried out in a job total of 24 hours.

Efficient Team Offering Excellent Customer Service

The job took our 6-man team one day to come upon completion. The efficient process and polished look of the box sash windows thrilled our customers. What’s more, we were scheduled to be there for two days but managed to complete the job in one lessening the costs for them. With no disruptions in their family life, our team was in and out before they even knew it.

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