Got a challenging repair work of curved windows? We have you covered!

Tired of having windows and sills that ruin the exterior of your house? Do relatives keep coming up to you to tell you all how you can improve the look and functionality of your house? What you require is renovation work. We understand the dilemma of going through tons of contractors and returning with an empty bank account and no major improvements.

Efficient and Affordable Services

With us, you can get all your repair, installation services covered. As our team full of skilled and decimated professionals get to work, your window will be back to its original glory in no time. Operating from our mobile workshop, we can arrive at your premises promptly and get the job done in no time. Say no to lazy workers and half-hearted services; with us, you can get the best of the best material as we use our state-of-the-art technology and our expertise.

Testimonial to Our Expertise

Our team of workers has been working diligently to ensure that you need repair work done on your windows anytime soon once we’re done. With a friendly and efficient attitude, they will professionally handle all your maintenance work while ensuring that only the best materials are used in the process.

Our exceptional services have landed us tons of clients, and this list of loyal and satisfied clients keeps growing every day. One such case our team worked on is the one shown below in SW2 Lambeth. This is a peek into what the windows looked like once we got done with them.

How we revived these curved windows

This is what we did with the windows with curved corners. The existing sash windows were rebated in such a manner that they were then to retrofit 464 toughened argon gas-filled double glazed united with white space.

Once that was done, our team moved on to the repairs. There was a need for repair in two different places on the outer cheek and 1 bottom rail repair as well. Moreover, to complete it all with a sleek look, we carried out a couple of minor repairs to the sill, making it look as good as new.

Moving on, the rebalancing was done, and we incorporated replacement cords as well. In the windows, to improve the functionality, we installed new furniture/ironmongery which is simply caught and lifts. These helped in improving the opening/closing function.

The timber was then prime finished so that it could be protected from external elements. Lastly, we draught-proofed the curved windows and finished it all off.

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