Repairing Box Sash Windows Efficiently and Affordably

Each person who lives in the UK is well aware of the significance that box sash windows have in building and interior design. The most impressive aspect about these panes is that even though they are ancient, they continue to wow people all around the globe with the beauty they offer to any room.

When it comes to giving your box sash windows a fresh and polished appearance, we are experts at what we do here at Box Sash Window Repair Company. You’ll indeed find a slew of specialists out there that claim to assist you in achieving that gleaming finish, but there is one drawback.

Repair Rather than Replace

Such businesses and contractors often put a strong emphasis on the replacement of panes in your home. There are times when this is a common feature no matter where you are in the world: Kent, England, Wingham, or Sandwich. We think that repair work should be done rather than replacement.

Of course, at times, the windows are beyond repair because of rot and decay, and then only our team will bring out the big guns to initiate the replacement process.

Past Cases

We cater to clients all over London. From Kent to Battersea and Sandwich, we’ve catered to many customers, and the results have always been immaculate.

Just in the recent past, we have had a client who was located in Wandsworth SW11. To our team, their home was magnificent. However, the only lacking in the entire structure of their home was in the box sash windows. They needed work done, and our team went equipped with the expertise and the tools for the job.

They had six windows that were supposed to be dealt with by retrofitting double glazing into existing frames. This was done to preserve the historical value of the house and increase its property value. By custom fitting them to the existing window frames, we completed the job in no time.

What’s more, there were three windows with an arched top sash that we dealt with utmost professionalism and precision. Lastly, while the retrofitting double glazing did the job of increasing aesthetic appeal and functionality, there was still a hurdle.